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GTEA - Groupe Transducteur et Electro-Acoustique  GABE - Groupe Acoustique du Bâtiment et de l’Environnement  GIS - Groupe Instrumentation et Signal  GAPSUS - Groupe Acoustique Physique, Sous-Marine et  Ultra-Sonore  GSAM - Groupe Spécialisé d’Acoustique Musicale  pixelvide
GAHA - Groupe Aéro et Hydro-Acoustique  GVB - Groupe Vibro acoustique et Contrôle du Bruit  GPS - Groupe  Perception Sonore GAP - Groupe Acoustique de la Parole
GB - Groupe Bioacoustique

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The French Society of Acoustics gathers French acousticians from public resarch and industry. Created in 1948 by Yves Rocard, it now includes more that 800 individual members (researchers, teachers, engineers, musicians, audiologists, architects...), as well as institutional members (industrial companies and specialized research laboratories - the list can be seen on the Web site).

Its vocation is to facilitate the circulation and any scientific and technical information as well as the contacts between research laboratories and industrial R&D Centres.

The activities of the SFA are multiple :


  • organization of congresses and workshops. These events can be regular (the French Congress of Acoustics takes place every even year) or be more specifically organized to deal with novel subjects ;
  • promotion of acoustics. The SFA is a natural interlocutor of numerous national authorities (for example, the National Noise Council or various standardization committees). It promotes the education in acoustics, notably by providing the list of all existing training courses on its Web site. It supports students' participation at international congresses through scholarships ;
  • diffusion of information through its periodic bulletin or through the magazine "Acoustique and Technique", published by the Noise Documentation and Information Center and in which the SFA participates actively ;
  • relations with other national scientific societies, because acoustics is in the crossroads of numerous disciplines (solid or fluid mechanics, signal processing, cognitive psychology, speech...)
  • relations with the equivalent societies of foreign countries. The SFA is a founder member of the European Acoustics Association (www.euracoustics.org), which groups together thirty European societies. This association edits one of the major world scientific reviews of acoustics (Acta Acustica united with Acustica -  http://www.acta-acustica-united-with-acustica.com).



SFA is managed by a Board regularly elected by its members. It is structured in three regional sections and eight technical comittes (TCs) :




Le Groupe Transducteurs et Electo-Acoustique (GTEA)

                The Transducters and ElectroAcoustics TC

              Discusses the design and study of electroacoustic transducers (actuators and sensors), their arrangement (in networks or distributed), and their optimization. This applies to audio and room acoustics, the antennerie (industrial applications, medical imaging and physical measurements), the active noise control and calibration methods

 contact : Hervé LISSEK - herve.lissek@epfl.ch



Le Groupe Acoustique du Bâtiment et de l'Environnement (GABE)

The Architectural and Urban Acoustics TC

has for objective to promote the research concerning the acoustic quality of rooms, the assessment of the acoustic characteristics of materials used in the construction of buildings as well as the urban acoustics (design of noise barriers, sound protection of buildings).
Contact :
Jérôme DEFRANCE - jerome.defrance@cstb.fr



Le Groupe Intrumentation et Signal (GIS)

The Instrumentation and Signal  TC
is interested in signal analysis and representation as well as in the implementation of real-time methods by means of specific instrumentation. Its actions are often transverse and supply to the other groups some tools for understanding complex physical phenomena.
Contact : Roberto LONGO  - roberto.longo@eseo.fr



Le Groupe d'Acoustique Physique, Sous-Marine et Ultra-Sonore (GAPSUS)

The physical, Underwater and Ultrasound Acoustics TC
widens its domain of activity from basic research on the physics of mechanical waves in the fluid or solid media, to the applications and the industrial realizations. The numerous applications go from the control of material and their non-destructive characterization to medical imaging and therapy, and include the large field of underwater acoustics devices.
Contact : Tony VALIER-BRASIER - tony.valier-brasier@upmc.fr  - site web 



Le Groupe d'Acoustique Musicale (GSAM)

The Musical Acoustic TC
groups researchers of diverse scientific disciplines (working on the physics of musical instruments and their manufacturing, the analysis, synthesis and perception of musical sounds) as well as professionals of the musical world.
Contact : Jean-Loïc LE CARROU - jean-loic.le_carrou@sorbonne-universite.frsite web



Le Groupe Aéro et Hydro-Acoustique (GAHA)

The Aero and Hydro-Acoustics TC
studies the sound phenomena due to unstationary or turbulent flows, the propagation of acoustic waves through non-homogeneaous or random media, the reduction of noise by active or passive ways. This research domain has many industrial applications.
Contact : Benjamin COTTÉ - benjamin.cotte@ec-lyon.fr

Le Groupe Vibro acoustique et Contrôle du Bruit (GVB)

The Vibrations and Noise TC
brings together specialists of the reduction of noise emitted by industrial plants and vehicles. It aims at developing knowledge in the domains of vibrations and noise generation, internal or outdoor propagation and participates in the evolution of stands and regulations.

Contact  : Adrien PELAT - Adrien.Pelat@univ-lemans.fr



Le Groupe Perception Sonore (GPS)

The Sound Perception TC
tackles the physiology of heraring (peripheral of central system), psycho-acoustics as well as cognitive psychology, which are essential to understand the way we perceive sounds. As for the other TCs, its activities can be fundamental research but also applied one (improvement of the sound quality of producs, sound design).
Contact : Etienne HENDRICKX - etienne.hendrickx@univ-brest.fr



Le Groupe Acoustique de la Parole (GAP)
The Speech Acoustics TC

The purpose of this group is interested in acoustic and aeroacoustic aspects involved in the production of speech sounds of a Theoretically, experimental or application

Contact :  Paul LUIZARD - paul.luizard@campus.tu-berlin.de

 bio Le Groupe Bioacoustique (GBIO)

This group brings together researchers from different scientific disciplines interested in acoustics and animals, either to study animal communication (from sending to receiving, through propagation, analysis and perception), the monitoring of populations, or to develop new technologies adapted to bioacoustics (sensors, software ...). It aims to promote this type of study, in particular through joint scientific meetings between players in the world of acoustics and the world of animal behavior. It also offers specialized sessions in national and international conferences.

Contact : Nicolas Grimault  nicolas.grimault@cnrs.fr


  Le Groupe EXpérimentations en AcousTique (EXACT)

This group aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge and know-how developed by acoustic and vibration experimenters in response to the problems encountered by many of them in the realization of measurements and the development of experimental devices, whatever the intended fields of application. The actions of this cross-cutting group should allow the development of interdisciplinary exchanges around activities ranging from sizing, design and implementation of experimental devices, to measurement, via interfacing and acquisition.


Contact :  Marc Pachebat  pachebat@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr





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